Boyata Laptop Stand, Adjustable Ergonomic Laptop Holder, Aluminium Alloy Notebook Stand Compatible for MacBook Pro/Air, Dell XPS, Lenovo, Samsung Laptops Up to 17 inches-Space Gray

Model Number: N19

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Boyata N19
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Minimum quantity for "Boyata Laptop Stand, Adjustable Ergonomic Laptop Holder, Aluminium Alloy Notebook Stand Compatible for MacBook Pro/Air, Dell XPS, Lenovo, Samsung Laptops Up to 17 inches-Space Gray" is 100.

  • ADJUSTMENT: The laptop stand is made of sturdy aluminum, you can incline at different angles and stand it up higher or lower depending on your needs, It keeps your computer up high so you have more space on the desk for papers and other stuffs.
  • STEADINESS: With the aluminum material, this tablet stand is more stylish and durable. 4 slide-proof silicone pads on the bottom keep the stand from sliding. The protective hooks ensure your computer does not slide off the stand.
  • ERGONOMICS: The Z-type design is good for adjusting an ideal height for typing, watching and sitting properly while supporting your back and neck with a comfortable posture. It will relieve the stiffness of your back and neck.
  • VENTILATION: The entire stand is made of high quality aluminum, it can absorb and discharge heat easily. It also has a hole on the surface which is to cool down your laptop by providing more air flow than if it were laying flat on the table.
  • COMPATIBILITY: The laptop stand fits a variety of laptops, compatible for MacBook/ Macbook Pro/ HP/ ASUS/ Lenovo laptops up to 17 inches, etc.
Boyata N19

Incredibly Strong

There is no double that this laptop riser is very stable because its rubber feet and pads on the bottom and top of the stand make it won't scratch your precious laptop, and it also provides sufficient grip on slippery surfaces. It's heavy and not easily slid about the desk so you can be at ease when you put your laptop on the Boyata stand.

Suit for any laptop 11" to 17''

This Laptop Stand is compatible for 12 inch MacBook, 11-13 inch Macbook Air, 13-15 inch Macbook Pro, apple MacBook 2018, 12 inch Microsoft Surface Pro 4, 14 inch Surface Pro 4, 12.3 inch Surface Pro 6, 12 inch Surface Pro 3, Google Pixelbook, Dell XPS, HP, ASUS, Lenovo and more laptop notebooks.

ergonomic design
durable construction
make desk tidy
adjustment procedure
Model Number:
Model Number: N19
I've been looking for the right laptop stand for some time. Most of the other stands I looked at would only elevate the back or the whole of the laptop about 6 or 8 inches. This one I have set at about 14 inches, and I can still type! (It will go further than that, but if it's straight up, one cannot tilt the platform back much at all before the stand WILL tip. That's plain physics and not a fault of design.) I can have it down a little further, with the platform tilted back a bit more, for a more even typing surface, or I can have it straight up for viewing. Either way or in between, it elevates my laptop for more comfortable use. The hinged areas where it moves are very stiff, which is a good thing. I have no worries about it falling down. The two lips to hold your laptop are deep enough for my chunky old Thinkpad W520 (circa 2011--sue me; I'm in love with its keyboard). The stand is sturdy and solid. It's a nice matte, machined-aluminum looking finish. I love the clean lines! The logo is not as prominent as I was afraid it might be. It almost disappears. (See the last photo for how it looks most of the time.) Only at certain angles is the logo more visible. If I had to choose a "con," I would say that this could use more holes for ventilation, to keep one's laptop cool. I've not experienced any overheating in the short time I've had it, but it's something to watch for. This is a great purchase for me and I wish I had found it years ago!
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