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Boyata N22
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  • 【CLEVER DESIGN】Vertical design, a great way to display your laptop and phone instead of it being flat on a desk when out of use - looks stylish and takes up less space. It can act as a bookend though.
  • 【STURDY & SECURE】The triangular design makes the structure more stable. It is padded with rubber feet and grooves so that no part of the notebook touches the aluminum.
  • 【ADJUSTABLE WIDETH】Easily to adjust size without a tool, you can make it the perfect width as you required, contributing 100% compatible with MacBook Pro/ Retina/ Air and All Laptops.
  • 【ALUMINUM MATERIAL】Well made of high-quality solid aluminum. It shares the same anodized sandblasting technology, touch feeling, and color with MacBook, which makes it look premium.
  • 【COMPATIBILITY】The vertical laptop stand is compatible with all varieties of Macbook, Surface/Lenovo/Dell/Gaming Laptops. Boyata 7*24 online support standing by. Kindly contact us if there are any quality issues.
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This stylish, solid vertical laptop stand is compatible with all varieties of Macbook and streamlines your desktop space. It's not only a protective storage holder but also a work of art.


Material: Aluminum & Silicon

Color: Silver

Size: 14.98cm*8.13cm*6.09cm (5.9″*3.2″*2.4″)

Width Range: 1.09cm-3.3cm (0.43″~1.3″)

Weight: 0.98lb (446g)

adjustable size

practical setup

Practical Setup

A great way to store your laptop when not in use. It will save armful more space on your desk, keeps your desk organized. With its stylish aluminum design, it looks premium and goes great with any desk decor.

large stability

Large Stability

The durable body ensures reliability. Pretty heavy so feels the quality and no chance of it flying over. The bottom and the groove of the stand are fully padded with rubber to prevent it from sliding around and protect your notebook from scratches.

adjustable width meets your needs

Adjustable Width Meets Your Needs

Adjustable width makes it enough flexibility to fit all varieties size of notebooks. Easy to adjust its width by moving the screws on the bottom without a tool to meet your favorable sizes.

multifunctional storage

Multifunctional Storage

This holder is compatible for Mac Book with or without a case or sleeve. But thanks to its adjustable width design, it is compatible with laptops or game consoles of varying thickness like compatible for HUAWEI Matebook and Nintendo. Even acts as a bookend.

three colors to choose
Its a laptop stand, plain and simple. Screws on the bottom adjust for your size of laptop. the color is obviously so that it matches with a macbook but any laptop computer should work fine.

The issue though is that if you mount your laptop like how they do it (Apple logo is upward), you might have cooling issues. the air from a laptop usually exhausts from the back, so you would just be blasting this air downward and possibly recycling it back in to the system. Or even worse, block off the vent entirely. Did this with a 13 inch 2012 macbook pro and the computer's fans were at 100% in no time due to the blocked airflow. I know that it isn't glamourous to have the undeside of the laptop showing or even an upside down logo, but please do this if you intend to keep a laptop in this stand. your machine will be much quieter if the fans have airflow. Much newer systems might not have this issue, but for those running THICC systems like me, do that.

You can't really design a stand for every device, so I won't knock it for that. Great stand all around.
I wanted a simple, solid, and very "tip-proof" stand to hold my computer in a vertical clamshell position. This one does all of that in spades! The more I see of it and the more I use it, the more I appreciate it and the way it was made. Adjustment of width is simple and nearly foolproof - it will hold all laptops from very slim to quite thick. I have a large laptop and holds it securely and well. All contact surfaces are covered with a thin layer of silicon rubber so that the computer never touches any metal on the stand. The only thing I would change about it is that the name of the company printed on the stand is noticeably larger than I like, clearly being used as an advertisement rather than as an identifier. Fortunately that is on one side only and the stand is completely reversible, which I do. Very well designed and manufactured stand and very easy to recommend. Try it, you'll likely like it!
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