Boyata Laptop Stand, Adjustable Ergonomic Laptop Holder, Aluminium Alloy Notebook Stand Compatible for MacBook Pro/Air, Dell XPS, Lenovo, Samsung Laptops Up to 17 inches (Silver)

Model Number: N19


Boyata N19
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Minimum quantity for "Boyata Laptop Stand, Adjustable Ergonomic Laptop Holder, Aluminium Alloy Notebook Stand Compatible for MacBook Pro/Air, Dell XPS, Lenovo, Samsung Laptops Up to 17 inches (Silver)" is 100.

  • ADJUSTMENT: The laptop stand is made of sturdy aluminum, you can incline at different angles and stand it up higher or lower depending on your needs, It keeps your computer up high so you have more space on the desk for papers and other stuffs.
  • STEADINESS: With the aluminum material, this tablet stand is more stylish and durable. 4 slide-proof silicone pads on the bottom keep the stand from sliding. The protective hooks ensure your computer does not slide off the stand.
  • ERGONOMICS: The Z-type design is good for adjusting an ideal height for typing, watching and sitting properly while supporting your back and neck with a comfortable posture. It will relieve the stiffness of your back and neck.
  • VENTILATION: The entire stand is made of high quality aluminum, it can absorb and discharge heat easily. It also has a hole on the surface which is to cool down your laptop by providing more air flow than if it were laying flat on the table.
  • COMPATIBILITY: The laptop stand fits a variety of laptops, compatible for MacBook/ Macbook Pro/ HP/ ASUS/ Lenovo laptops up to 17 inches, etc.

Boyata N19

Incredibly Strong

There is no double that this laptop riser is very stable because its rubber feet and pads on the bottom and top of the stand make it won't scratch your precious laptop, and it also provides sufficient grip on slippery surfaces. It's heavy and not easily slid about the desk so you can be at ease when you put your laptop on the Boyata stand.

Suit for any laptop 11" to 17''

This Laptop Stand is compatible for 12 inch MacBook, 11-13 inch Macbook Air, 13-15 inch Macbook Pro, apple MacBook 2018, 12 inch Microsoft Surface Pro 4, 14 inch Surface Pro 4, 12.3 inch Surface Pro 6, 12 inch Surface Pro 3, Google Pixelbook, Dell XPS, HP, ASUS, Lenovo and more laptop notebooks.

ergonomic design
durable construction
make desk tidy
adjustment procedure
monitor stand laptop stand laptop stand laptop stand magsafe charger case laptop stand
Ergonomics design
Feature Ergonomic Monitor Stand Can be divided into 3 pieces Adjustable laptop stand, multi angles Adjustable height, multi angles lightweight case for magsafe charger Ergonomic laptop stand
Elevation/Width 11-19cm 14.3cm 5-26cm 5-26cm 11-17cm
Compatibility up to 15kg 10~15.9" Laptop 11~17" Tablet&Laptop Stand 11~17" Tablet&Laptop Stand magsafe charger 10~15.6" Tablet&Laptop
Foldable design
Dismountable design
Cooling vent
Dimensions 11*23*29cm 26*24*14.5cm 29.5*22.5*5.5m 29.8*25.4*6cm 8.7*8.7*1.7cm 23.8*29.5cm
Weight 2.7kg 1.1kg 1.3kg 1.35kg 52g 1.1kg
Model Number:
Model Number: N19
The main purpose of this laptop stand was so I could use an external monitor in addition to my laptop and external accessories while being comfortable and ergonomic. I was looking at several different options, but what drew me to this was was the fact it has two sets of hinges that allow for multiple angles your laptop can be on. I'm currently using my stand with a 13in Macbook Pro and there is still access space for a larger laptop if I wanted to. The stand is very sturdy and does not wiggle or wobble while my laptop is sitting on it. The laptop surface also has a grippy material that prevents your laptop from sliding anywhere. This stand is perfect for my everyday use whether it before to dock my laptop or use it as a dual screen.
This is an excellent laptop stand. Very sturdy and easily adjustable. It made student life much more bearable!
I love this stand - it is super adjustable, flattens for easy travel and looks nice on the desk. I'm thankful to have something that provides proper ergonomics while using my laptop!
-VERY sturdy, no jiggling or movement when typing on 12” MacBook
-Highly adjustable in height and screen angle
-Lifts higher than the comparable products I saw (7” lift from desk + over 7” lift to the screen when angle adjusted, the top of my screen is total 17” off desk so even taller people can use to lift to eye level)
-Adjusts very smoothly with a little muscle (which is why it’s so sturdy)
-I type comfortably both on the laptop and using a Bluetooth keyboard
-Two metal pieces that hold the laptop in place are about .5” high so with a very thin laptop like mine, your wrists do touch them occasionally if typing directly on laptop but it has not been irritating or annoying at all like I was concerned
-Overall amazing addition to my home office, wish I had purchased this years ago!
I was having neck and shoulder problems. I finally realized the way I used my laptop was the problem. I would put my 13" MacBook on my crossed legs (a good position for my hands to type) and angle my neck down to seen the screen. Not good to do for long periods of time! I've had this stand for almost a week and my neck and shoulders are doing much better. I just have to remember to use it. The joints of the stand use friction to stay in place and it takes some force to adjust the angles. It feels sturdy and solid. See the photo for the angle I use.
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