The Top 8 Best Reasons for Using a Laptop Stand

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These days, almost everyone in an office or other job, especially in the co-working/entrepreneurial world, uses a laptop. While laptop prices may not have dropped that much in the past, the software and hardware that make up your laptop certainly have.

But while laptops bring freedom of movement, workplace flexibility, speed and ease of use, using them in the office every day brings a host of other problems. In particular, health problems are common due to repeated computer use, ranging from eye strain and neck pain to posture problems. Luckily, there's a convenient and affordable solution to relieve that stress: laptop stands!

Ergonomic Design: An ergonomic device helps create efficiency and comfort. With a laptop, it reduces the risk of injury that happens when you do ordinary things, like typing repeatedly on a keyboard. The laptop stand lifts the laptop screen up to eye level to prevent neck and back strain. The laptop stand also equalizes the height of your laptop when you use an external monitor, making multitasking easier.

Adjustable Angle: The key to a functional laptop stand is the ability to adjust height, Angle and distance from the device to the body. You can tilt it any way you want to make it stand higher or lower. It keeps your computer in a higher position so you have more room for paper and other things. By adjusting the Angle of your computer, you can reduce screen glare and protect your eye health.

Comfortable Typing: If you average 40 to 50 keystrokes per minute for eight hours a day, you can imagine how much time you spend typing in your own life. However, most tables and surfaces are not designed with this in mind. With the laptop stand, you can adjust the position of your body and computer for a perfect work experience.

Keep The Unobstructed: Keeping your laptop cool is key to protecting its useful life. Overheating is a big problem for electronics in general. That's why computers have fans built in. One of the most common sources of heat comes from air not being able to flow under your laptop. A laptop stand solves this problem by elevating the device to a certain height to improve air flow. Some even come with extra built-in fans! Not only does it protect the innards of your computer, it also protects your body from potential burns.

Organize Those Cables: Tech support handles a lot of scary computer-related events. But they often trudge through a crappy server room, where cables sway like jungle vines, and it's enough to drive anyone crazy. At home, proper cable management means easy access and less stress on plugs and equipment. The laptop stand is perfect for this purpose -- running your cables underneath keeps your room, office and desk tidy.

Reduce Clutter: Laptop stands are pretty amazing when it comes to reducing clutter. While the cheapest ones will lift your notebook off of a desk, many also come with additional storage spaces. So, if you’re really into keeping things clean on your desk, a laptop stand can offer a place to keep your keyboard and mouse that isn’t having them strewn over your desk. Impress your friends with your cleanliness simply by picking up a laptop stand.

Convenient to Carry: One of the main reasons you own a laptop is portability. Whether it's at your local coffee shop or at a beautiful beach somewhere, a laptop lets you work on the move. But working without a desk can be uncomfortable, especially for people who carry things and move houses all day. Luckily, the laptop stand is portable. Just put it away and take its benefits with you wherever you go.

Flexibility of Use: Your laptop stand isn't just for computers. It can also be used as a multipurpose object in the home and office for a whole host of other tasks. Want to read in bed without lifting your arms uncomfortably? There's a laptop stand! How about a tablet in the living room?


With a small investment, you can dramatically improve your work life with a laptop stand. Even if you don't use it often, it's worth it. Now is the time to make a big difference in your performance and overall health when using a laptop.


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