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boyata flatstand features

There is no doubt that the laptop is a versatile tool that can accomplish both personal and professional tasks. To take full advantage of its potential, you'll need the perfect ergonomically designed laptop stand. There are a variety of designs on the market for different purposes. For example, some are simply meant to support screens, while others are meant to provide adequate protection. Here, we'll show you the essentials of Boyata Laptop Stand.


The Boyata N19 Laptop Stand has an easy-to-carry folding design for travel. It's made of solid aluminum and you can tilt it at different angles, high or low, as needed, so when you turn it up, there's more room on your desk for files and other things.

There are 4 non-slip silicone pads at the bottom to prevent the bracket from sliding. The protection hook ensures that your computer does not slip off the stand.

Peripheral support

Sometimes we need to attach peripherals, such as keyboards, to use it for professional purposes. You can adjust it to the right position, so there is extra room for you to use, and easy to connect to other ports. In addition, you should prepare a pencil box so as not to misplace it.


The entire stand is made of high quality aluminum, it can absorb and discharge heat easily. It also has a hole on the surface which is to cool down your laptop by providing more air flow than if it were laying flat on the table.


A good laptop stand needs to be compatible with different devices. In terms of compatibility, this ergonomic laptop stand works with a wide variety of laptops, including MacBook/ MacBook Pro/ HP/ Lenovo 17-inch laptops.


This could be just the perfectly designed laptop stand you need. The Z-shaped design adjusts the ideal height for typing, viewing, and sitting, while supporting your back and neck in a comfortable posture. Bring you more unexpected benefits.


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