How high should the monitor be? 5 tips for correct monitor height.

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The height and position of the monitor changes how you sit, head position and how hard your eyes work. If you use a computer a lot, pay attention to monitoring ergonomics to reduce the risk of long-term injury and even musculoskeletal disease.

Here are a few tips to take better care of your neck, shoulders and eyes.

#1 Avoid glare when placing the monitor

Put the monitor where it won't reflect light. Glare can make it hard to read the screen without moving your body into position. Looking at a glary screen can also cause eye strain.

Natural light should come from the side rather than in front of or behind your screen so think about the best position for your computer screen in relation to nearby windows. If other causes cause screen glare, you may need to change or adjust them. Another option is to move your desk and find the best place to put your monitor.

#2 Should you look up or down at your computer screen?

You shouldn't look up or down at the screen for too long. If you need to look up, your head will tilt back, and if the screen is too low, you will raise your neck forward. Both positions put pressure on your neck and shoulders, which can lead to health problems in the long run.

How high should your monitor be? Ideally, your eyes should be in line with a point on the screen that is about 5-10 cm below the top edge of the monitor.

The center of the screen should be about 17-18 degrees below eye level. Our eyes see more below the horizontal line than above it, so this location gives you the best view.

#3 The best place to face a computer screen is straight in front

Your computer screen should be right in front of you, so you don't have to twist or turn your body, even slightly, to see the whole thing.

What’s the best way to position two monitors? If you use dual screens, position one as the primary screen directly in front and an arm’s length in front of you then put your second monitor next to it slightly to the side.

#4 How far should the monitor screen be from your eyes?

Your monitor should be at arm's length from where you normally sit or stand. This will allow you to see the entire screen at once, regardless of its size. You need to sit at a comfortable distance from the monitor to protect your eyes and neck. For most people, this is between 50 and 100 centimeters.

Sitting too close will strain your eyes. Sitting too far can cause you to lean forward and squint to read small texts. Remember, if you have trouble reading the screen at arm's length, you can always increase the font size of the text on your monitor.

#5 Adjust the height of the monitor

If the monitor is not at the right height, the monitor should be moved, not the body. Use a product that changes the height of the display to avoid neck or shoulder fatigue and injury.

The monitor stand and riser save desktop space and raise the screen to the correct viewing position. A stand also gives you an extra surface, reducing clutter on the desktop. Some stands are designed for workstations with limited space, while others are designed for tight corner workspaces.


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